Woodworking machinery "CE" safety regulations

Edge sanding machine LNS2250
3.500,00 € From 2.650,00 €
BSB 400 – Vertical Band Saw
2.900,00 € From 2.500,00 €
BSB 500 – Vertical Band Saw
8.000,00 € From 550,00 €
BSB 600 – Vertical Band Saw
5.300,00 € From 4.000,00 €
BSB 700 – Vertical Band Saw
6.400,00 € From 5.100,00 €
BSB 800 – Vertical Band Saw
8.500,00 € From 6.200,00 €
BSB 900 – Vertical Band Saw
9.400,00 € From 7.300,00 €
TPM 530 - Thicknessing planing machines
16.000,00 € From 12.390,00 €
SPM 400E - Surface Planer Machines
7.900,00 € 5.809,00 €
SPM 500 - Surface Planer Machines
12.000,00 € 9.529,00 €
SPM 410 - Surface Planer Machines
12.000,00 € 9.000,00 €
SPM 400 - Surface Planer Machines
11.000,00 € 8.919,00 €
TPM 630 - Thicknessing planing machines
40.000,00 € From 26.000,00 €


After having signed the transport document, the customer openly accepts and agrees with the status of the goods.

CAS TECH is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any delay in the delivery of the goods.

Delays do not constitute any right both to suspend/delay payments and to claim for damages. 


PAYMENTS: The payment terms are agreed when the contract/order is issued.


WARRANTY : The machine has a 12 months time of warranty. The warranty does not include motors, electric and electronic components. In case of sending of spare parts under warranty, CAS TECH will charge the customer just of the transport charges. 

The replaced parts will have to be sent us back (at customers charges) Those components which will become defective owing to inexperience of the user/dealer's technician by working on the machine or owing to deterioration for non-greasing/oiling or normal wear and tear will not be replaced. 

The warranty does not give right to claim for any damage, interruption of the working or any other indirect damage to people/things. 


FLAWS: Eventual differences and flaws or non-presence of components will have to be reported by the commitment within 8(eight) days from the date of delivery, by means of a written communication.

Eventual hidden differences and flaws will have to be reported by the commitment within 8 (eight) days from the discovery and within 1 (one) year from the date of delivery.


Vertical band saws

Radial arm saws

Circular panel saw

Combined surface / thickness machines

Universal 6-Operations Combined Machines

Thicknessing planing machines

Edge sanding machines