Band saws Assisted Downfeed

Band saws Assisted Downfeed SZ22 HB 3PH


One way miter cutting (from 0 degree to 60 degrees).
Cast-iron sawframe on twin tapered bearings and ring nut to provide greater stability.
Precision blade-guide with bearings and anti-corrosion treatement. Two cutting speeds. Vice with quick lock lever.
Cutting cycle: vice locking of material to cut - automatic pull down with sawframe gravity down-feed controlled by hydraulic cylinder with adjustable speed.


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Machine bed in thick metal works exclusively made by domestic workshops. High level machining and finishing of the parts.
Vice and sawframe in cast-iron providing high stability and vibration free cutting. Mechanical blade tension with handwheel.
Precision blade-guide with  roller bearings. Anti-corrosion treatment with electrolytic nickel-plating and galvanization zinc plating ensure long lasting cutting precision. Electric motor and reduction unit from domestic ISO certificated manufacturers.
Electric installation according CEE regulations. Set of fuses against current overload. Motor protected thermal feeler. Safety microswitch on the blade protection. Coolant liquid with electropump and crucible. Severe tests on mechanical tolerances, electric installation and final performance test.




  • Certificate of conformity and instruction manual according to Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Set of service spanners.
  • Bar stop.
  • Material support.
  • Bi-metal sawband 2085x20x0,9.




  • Single phase motor.
  • Rollerway on loading side L= 2 mt (capacity 240 Kg).
  • Rollerway on unloading side   L= 2 mt  with bar stop (capacity 240 Kg).




  • Technical support from the local service centre.
  • Spare parts delivery is guaranteed for 10 year from the construction date. 




  • 3Ph Electric motor : 0.5 - 0.75 kW
  • Electropump : 0.07  kW
  • Gearbox reduction ratio : 28/1  I  
  • Flywheel diameter : 265 mm
  • Blade dimension : 2085 x 20 x 0,9
  • Cutting speed :  30/60  m/1'
  • Vice opening : 200 mm
  • Sawframe inclination : 45 °
  • Working height : 920  mm
  • Machine dimension : 1300 x 720 x 1450 mm
  • Weight 180 kg
4.400,00 €

3.950,00 €

  • 210 kg
  • Available - Disponible