HAND PLANER - 440 mm



Equipped with a base 442 mm length and perfectly balanced. It is specially designed for planning doors or other wooden pieces besides the usual applications for a professional planer. Equipped with several electronic devices for more safety and comfort. Ergonomic design for hand- or left- handed people without distinction.


"The GR120P is the only planer, together the model CE120P, that permits lateral planning of overlaps of up to 1 mm and a maximum" cut height of 25 mm.


Double insulation  

Input power: 900 W

Planing width: 82 mm

Cutting depth: 0-4 mm

Max. rabbeting depth: 25 mm

No-load speed: 12.500 /min

Weight: 4,6 Kg

Standard equipment

Provided with replaceable hard metal reversible blades, carrying case and dust collector connection.

Optional accessories


2045381 Micrometric fence which enables you to make different grades of chamfering.

6446073 Standard dust collector attachment 3.5 m



2031081 Set of 2 holders with 3 mm HSS reversible straight blades.2031080 Set of 2 3 mm HSS reversible straight baldes.2031082 Set of 2 holders with 3 mm HSS reversible rustic blades.2031079 Set of 2 3 mm HSS reversible rustic blades.

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